Shay The Learner

Shay The Learner

My take on combining the worlds of science and art – and finding the balance.

I recently went to NASM’s Optima 2017 Conference where I got to be the “learner” rather than the “coach.” I went to take some Corrective Exercise Workshops and I learned so much more about the human body than movement patterns, overactive and under active muscles!

Here are my takeaways from the experience:

I learned that learning happens in all shapes, forms, ages, locations, and methods. With technology and innovation this has become possible.

The conference highlighted the importance of finding and implementing a balance between being technically skilled and having a charismatic human touch.

The keynote speaker was Bahram Akradi, Chairman, CEO and Founder of LifeTime Fitness. He spoke about technological advances and the value of having characteristics such as empathy, love, and passion as playing a key a role in the ever-evolving landscape of the fitness industry.

This made me reflect…the fitness industry isn’t the only one with this reality. What about that of a Holistic Entrepreneur?

A Holistic Entrepreneur not only needs to balance technology with humanity but also art with science..OR science with art.

Which is more important? Which came first? It’s almost as futile to have this discussion as the chicken and egg one…or maybe as entertaining!

Let’s do it…

I come from the world of psychology, having earned a Master of Arts Degree and a former practicing Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Now, I’m transitioning into earning a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology. Somewhere in between I earned a black belt in Karate, learned T’ai Chi and Cranial Sacral work, became a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Nutritional Therapist — and I’ve most recently become a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Being a Holistic Entrepreneur, I consistently study industry trends and technological advances while crafting some phenomenal relationships with my clients and students. This, I find is most rewarding!

One of my favorite tools to develop this is unconditional positive regard. It basically means to use (as much as possible) a non-judgmental approach to lay down a solid foundation of trust. Without it, how can a counselor, fitness professional, nutrition coach, karate sensei (instructor), t’ai chi master, course instructor, professor, or any other form of practitioner be effective?

It is akin to the saying, “The wrong person can never do anything right and the right person can never do anything wrong.”

Think about it. There is art and there is science. For an art to advance in today’s technical world, does it not rely on science?

When a scientist makes a breakthrough using technical skills, does it not become art?

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Think of Steve Jobs – he studied Calligraphy and now we have different fonts to choose from!
Or Stephen Hawking, whose contributions to science are awe-inspiring.

Couldn’t the scientific study of human movement (when put into action) come out as art?
Was Michael Jordan’s basketball career artful?
Or Michelangelo’s Statue of David a work of architectural brilliance?

Could this walk of art and science, technology and humanity, be a modern day 2017 version of Yin and Yang?
One cannot exist without the other. If there is imbalance between the two, there is dis-ease.

Studying and working in both worlds is uniquely challenging and again rewarding. As I embrace both, I feel I continue to find balance.

What’s your take on art and science? Yin and Yang?

How do you find your balance?


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