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Here’s my favorite keto macro calculator on the web right now:

I’m always looking for cool fitness stuff.

This is worth checking out.

This is the Hypersphere, a product from the
HyperIce family of fitness gear.


I love the Hypersphere because it is just the right size to travel with or put in your gym/day bag. It has three speeds and warm up. As I always say, “one size does not fit all” so three speeds are important because people have different intensity preferences.

The Hypersphere also helps to get to areas on the body that are hard to reach with a foam roller or by just my hands. It’s the perfect size and happy middle ground between a foam roller and using my hands.  In my own personal experience, it also helps “hold” results in between sessions because once I learned to use it, I could get to those hard to reach spots (like under my shoulder blades), or spots my hands would get tired working on. They can also get into targeted or specific muscles like the piriformis which can be a tricky reach.

I can use it for my forearms and hands – which do get tired from typing, driving, and just every day use! It’s so relaxing and refreshing and helps to calm muscle spasms by inhibiting overactive muscles (calms them down, gives them permission to relax).

For my clients, it’s great before a corrective exercise session because it warms up the muscles while calming (inhibiting) overactive ones. It can also be used after corrective exercise as a cool down, on a lower setting. I’ve seen it increase range of motion on tight, stiff areas of the body too.

In summary, I like it especially for its portability, size, convenience and effectiveness. It’s rechargeable with an A/C adapter so there’s no need to worry about batteries.

Come in and try it out during your next session.

Ask me about pricing!