ShayTheCoach Offers:

Cranial Sacral Work

Cranial Sacral work is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including:

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • PTSD
  • Stress/Tension-Related Problems

Corrective Exercise:

Overtime, by doing certain movements repeatedly, people develop what are called muscle imbalances. For example, if you drive to work every day, the chances of your right foot being used more than your left foot are pretty high. So certain muscles on the right side may be more developed or active than on the left side. This can lead to imbalances in muscle and posture which can lead to pain and higher risk of certain injuries.

Nutritional Therapy:

This package is great for people who already have a solid exercise program in place and are wanting to take fitness to the next level, for beginners to reach goals because they have not started exercising yet so they want to focus on nutrition and coaching to prepare them for exercise, and people who are working with ShayTheCoach with personal training or martial arts and want to add-on nutritional coaching.  Shay has personal and professional experience with Ketogenic diets, Vegan and Vegetarian Diets, Blood Type Diet, Candida Cleanse, and Elimination Diets. For folks with these special dietary considerations, Shay works closely with providers in the community, coordinating care to help you reach your health goals! She works to educate you on the best choices on the market, teach how to read ingredient labels, and introduce you to local restaurants that are friendly to folks with special dietary needs.

Corporate Wellness:

You will see ShayTheCoach at wellness fairs, doing nutrition demonstrations and answering healthy lifestyle habit questions to corporate employees.  Shay also works directly with companies to provide workshops and classes for employees through their Employee Assistance Program.  Contact ShayTheCoach for more info!


If you are interested in Karate – please email [email protected] to find out more about lessons.

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