The Art of Reinventing Yourself

It isn’t easy.

I wrote a manuscript that talks a lot about resiliency and what to do to develop it.

I would say we already innately have it. However, with all that’s going on, sometimes we forget we do. Or we are so bombarded with daily activities and ‘life stuff’ that we simply can’t access it.

That’s why I like to just say it’s a manuscript that provides tools. Tools for what?

‘Life stuff.’

Life happens. We are alive, but sometimes we may not feel too lively. From time to time, it happens and it’s ok. There’s mind-set based tools that can help get us there again.

Some will be brand new to you and some might be refreshers. Refreshers don’t hurt. They serve as reminders to start using the tools again or even as reminders of when you were able to use them successfully in the past.

As for reinventing yourself . . . more on that a bit later . But part of it is simply learning new tools and applying them or using existing tools and applying them to new situations.

Life happens.

We are alive, but sometimes we may not feel too lively.


I find myself in new situations daily. For example, I’m a relatively new condo owner and every time something malfunctions, I can’t just call maintenance to fix it. I either need to do research about it or ask other home owners what they have done and sometimes I need to hire someone to come in and fix it. For instance, my freezer started leaking one day. I cleaned up the leak and moved the freezer and saw nothing leaking out.

I did research and called my home warranty company and learned about internal water leaks. There was an issue with the condensation and the system that catches it and does what it needs to with it (that’s the best i can do to explain that)! So, I hired help to come in and fix it.

I learned about how to make a home warranty claim and that I needed to hire help to fix it. I’m not saying that is reinventing my entire personality. BUT it’s definitely reinventing how I would handle home situations. My only prior experience was as a renter of a leasing company, so I’d simply call maintenance.

Reinventing oneself probably happens more often then we realize. Because reinventing can be triggered by a small shift in perspective and experience, or an “aha” moment. And I’d like to think those happen all the time! It’s healthy and good for us!

When was a time where you had a reinventing experience like this?

In Health,

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