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Shaythecoach here,

So, I’ve been teaching classes, training clients, doing nutrition consults and every one of my clients or people I’ve come in contact with wants to know more about how Nutrition, Personal Fitness Training, Tai Chi, and Martial Arts are connected.

Coming from a deep educational background, I want to launch into a lecture but need to remember the people who ask me this don’t want a lecture…they want an answer to relate to.

So here’s one: the mind-body connection!  Nutrition, personal fitness training, tai chi, and martial arts all have 1 thing in common THE HUMAN BODY.

When we eat, we put food into the HUMAN BODY.                                    When we train, we train the HUMAN BODY.                                           When we practice Tai Chi or Karate, it is with the HUMAN BODY.

The HUMAN BODY is mesmerizing! The HUMAN BODY is intricate!

I personally enjoy the picture above because it’s obvious there is the PHYSICAL BODY. Touch your nose, arm, leg, hair, etc…it is easy to contact the PHYSICAL BODY. We have an EMOTIONAL BODY. Yes, I went there-mad, sad, glad guilty, afraid, ashamed…..Familiar with having those feelings after a life event?  We have a SPIRITUAL BODY. For some, this is gray area. For some, it is a vaulted area. For some, it is an area not acknowledged.  Because, it can be hard for us to put our hands around the spiritual realm.

The services offered at UrbanMonk train the HUMAN BODY on any if not all or some form of combination of the levels PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL Level.

Think of food. Ever eat a carrot? Think about this: The carrot looks like a human eye.  Slice it horizontally (now, I don’t mean baby carrots) and you will see the pupil, iris, and radiating lines.  Doesn’t science show that the vitamins carried in carrots enhance the function of the eyes?  Ever eat a walnut?  Don’t they look like a little like a human brain?  Walnuts have a left and right hemisphere, even the wrinkles and folds on the walnut are freakishly look alikes of the folds or wrinkles found on the brain.  Did you know walnuts help develop neuro-transmitters in the brain? I could go on and on…about tomatoes, grapes, avocados…

Ok, getting technical here…but do you see the point?  It’s like that song..the hip bone is connected to the…shoulder bone?
WHAT? I know, I’m not a musician…you don’t want me to sing as much as you probably don’t want a Shaythecoach lecture!

To sum up….Nutrition, Personal Fitness Training, Tai Chi, and Martial arts have at least one thing in common: THE HUMAN BODY.


The training works to integrate the three.

It’s an interesting approach, I know. Because of the approach, UrbanMonk has been hard pressed to find a location where it can house all services.  So, my clients have encouraged me to start a fundraising campaign!  I’m usually shy about these things, but they make a good point. It is time to build a home for these services so that UrbanMonk can better serve clients, the East Valley, and community at large.  The following is the GOFUNDME link:


UrbanMonk will accept donations in the amount you are comfortable with!  As a thank you, for donations over $75, UrbanMonk will send you this crafty mug once the campaign has come to an end!

My students and I end every class by saying thank you very much in Japanese, so I will end this blog the same way,

“Doumo arigatou gozaimasu.”


Shay Vasudeva is the owner and founder of URBANMONK, a company that helps people become the best version of SELF. She is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritional Therapist, and Black Belt Karate Instructor.  For more information you can go to: www.urbanmonk.biz or follow on facebook at www.facebook.com/urbanmonkaz.

This blog is intended for those who are interested in Nutrition, Fitness, Karate, Tai Chi, or simply becoming best version of SELF on a business professional level. Thank you!

We are not doctors/medical professionals and don’t diagnose or treat diseases. The contents of the blog are for education purposes.

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  1. Thanks Shay. Good info and well written. Interesting about the carrot and walnut… Hmmm. Didn’t know that.

    1. Thank you Teena for reading and commenting. Yes, I found it interesting too. Stay tuned, I will make a follow up blog post this month on more food items and their resemblance and impacts on the body!

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