The Ketogenic Diet: Here’s what Moms Need to Know

The Ketogenic Diet: Here’s what Moms Need to Know

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I recently joined the team of experts at, a site offering “real mom support” and great resources!  My article was featured last month on their site, providing science-based information regarding the Keto diet and the role it can play in treating some common (and not-so-common) medical conditions and diseases.  I am sharing the article here as well!

The Keto Diet. It’s one of the latest diet trends, and there are a lot of myths about it on social media and at large. This article debunks some of those myths and tells a little about the diet’s history.  Read on!

Article written exclusively for and featured on their Expert Articles page.

ShayTheCoach personally uses and recommends the Perfect Keto line of products.


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ShayTheCoach personally uses and recommends the Perfect Keto product line!

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