Finding Stillness in Running Water – Part 2

Finding Stillness in Running Water – Part 2

Overall, rather than spending the 3 nights and 4 days as planned camping at Grand Canyon, we drive in and I spend 3 hours with Grand Canyon. Those three hours were so memorable and calming. There’s something special about her. Looking out over the edge, a wave of stillness and peace just washes over me. As I was sitting there looking at her majestic curves, I started talking to her.

I asked her how can I keep building this bridge?
She whispered back, “With help.”
I asked back “Whose help?”
She responded “You’ll see. It takes time. I was created over time, bridges are created over time.”
I grew frustrated, this wasn’t the answer I wanted! I’m not known for my patience I tell her.
She said back…
“Be Still. Find your stillness. Bridges must sway and move with the elements and stay rooted, still, and dependable at the same time.”

Hmm…she always gets me…this Grand Canyon. What a relationship!
What feedback.
“Stay rooted, still, and dependable SIMULTANEOUSLY sway and move with the elements.”

I want to ask her more…like HOW. So I do.

She says one word, “Practice.”


Ok, Thank you! I bow and say, “Arigatōgozaimashita” (which means Thank You and is a formal and respectful way to end a karate class).

Now…you might be thinking how odd—to speak to Grand Canyon this way. Or you might be thinking how cool–to speak to Grand Canyon this way!!! Maybe I’m only speaking to my inner self and being there, with her beauty, I’m able to hear myself more clearly than in a busy city during my daily life.

So the next morning . . .

(Stay Tuned for Part 3)

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