Ducks? In a Row?

I recently drove to a small town in Arizona for a day trip. While I was there, I ended up visiting a lake that was created as part of a water conservation initiative. I took a short walk on the trail surrounding the lake and there were a bunch of ducks swimming, playing and congregating all around the trail and surrounding area!

I was marveling at how they stayed together in formation and entertained by their symphony of quacking. While I thought I was being in the moment and enjoying them, I decided to take a picture. This hasty decision took me out of the moment and as I pulled out my smartphone to take a picture, I slipped. I didn’t fall, luckily! I looked down to see what I slipped on and saw that it was duck droppings (or as I like to call it duck poo)!

Oops! Since I didn’t fall and it was a minor slip, I was able to laugh about it and use it as a reminder to not walk while fumbling with my phone or being on my phone (I did still take a picture). I’m glad I did because when I posted it on social media, someone joked and said “Shay, it looks like your ducks are all in a row!”

I responded, “Actually no, they aren’t . . . in fact, some days, I don’t even know where my ducks are!” The perfectionist in me still struggles with that but during these unprecedented times, I’m learning that it’s ok if the ducks aren’t in a row.

Take time to enjoy them anyways and try not to step and slip in their poo!

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