Postscript to My Life in 15 Minutes.

Since I wrote the blog on “My life in 15 minutes,” I learned one more angle how taking 15 minutes to do a task can help work through perfectionism. If I work on one task that I’m struggling with for 15 minutes, there isn’t enough time to be a perfectionist about it! Not only does starting a task and saying, “I’m only going to do it for 15 minutes” help get the inertia going, but it helps put a stop to overdoing things because there’s a 15 minute time limit.

Now, sometimes, I start a task and plan to only work on it for 15 minutes and get into “flow” or a rhythm and keep going. However, I usually only give myself 15 minutes for the said task. For example, if I’ve given myself 15 minutes to fold laundry, there’s no way I’ll have time to fold it to a perfection or get “bogged down” on one item of clothing for the entire 15 minutes. I know that after 15 minutes of folding the laundry, I’m moving on to my next task. So, it becomes almost like a race to see how many clothes can be folded efficiently and effectively in that time.***

I have to say this about the 15 minute per task thing though—it doesn’t mean I’ll fold my clothes sloppily or do my tasks half-heartedly because I “only” have 15 mins to do them. It just means that I focus on that one task hole-heartedly for that time frame and then I move on.
It works well for me. How about you?

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