Breaking The Fast.

Here’s another blog on some nutritional mind-set wordsmithing. Do you eat breakfast?

If so, WHAT do you eat for breakfast? Would you consider it healthy and balanced?

Ever wonder WHY health nuts are always encouraging people to eat breakfast? Unless you’re on a specific medical diet or doing some type of fasting (like intermittent fasting) or have a targeted reason to skip breakfast, I’d say to eat it.

Why? The word breakfast literally means to “break the fast.”

Unless you’re consciously fasting, you might think “Wait a minute, I’m not fasting. What fast am I breaking?”

It’s the fast that all of us do whether we’re aware of it or not. During the night while we sleep – unless you’re working the night shift, but even then – whenever your lengthiest sleep of the day is, the first meal you eat is “breaking the fast.” By default, since we don’t eat while we sleep, we are fasting all night long. As such, when we wake up, we need to “break the fast.”

How did this shift your perspective (if at all towards breakfast)? Let me know, I’d love some feedback!

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