I Don’t Do Guilt

I Don’t Do Guilt

Recently, my cat dislocated her knee cap.
I’m not sure I even knew cats could do that!
I have humor and I’m the first one to chuckle when a cat misjudges his/her leaps and falls and gets back up and carries on and tries again.

But this time my cat fell and her eyes got big as if to say mom why did this happen?

Anyways I took her to the vet and they reset the knee and gave me care instructions.

In the meantime, I was grappling with a personal decision around the holidays and a friend gave me this sign:

He said it’s his daughter’s motto and I need to learn it for myself as part of his sensitivity training.

I laughed especially because of the picture of the black cat.

He said he put the cat there simply because cats don’t do guilt.
He is right.
My cat fell and wasn’t guilty for falling…she didn’t appear to look guilty either!
She tried to jump and run and leap again and again and again despite being injured but kept falling.

Some guilt is ok.
In this case, I wish my cat had some guilt or remorse or reference or reflection as to why she fell.
Nope not one bit!
In fact, she kept trying…almost to a fault.

No Guilt to a fault like the cat…or guilt to the point of freezing and hindering one from reaching goals/progressing?

How to find a healthy balance?


Accept that it’s happening.
Release any part that isn’t yours (this is easier said than done).
Take action on the goal.

PS—I took the cat to the vet, she is ok. The vet was able to guide the knee back into place and provided me with wonderful aftercare instructions.

Keep moving forward and create a great 2020!

In Health,
Shaweta Vasudeva

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