Consistency is Key in Resolution Management

Consistency is Key in Resolution Management

Many people set New Year’s resolutions goals in January. But how many reach them? How many are still working on them come February?  Well, here we are.

When making goals for 2019, using the very popular and effective acronym SMART can be helpful (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Bound). I would also recommend adding some action steps to create consistency to the goals. So, while making SMART goals towards your overall health is a great technique, consider taking these additional tools and techniques so you can stay on track:

1) Set daily reminders: Whether you use an app, virtual calendar, or paper planner, you can input your goals just like you would with appointments and to do tasks.

2) Use a coach or fitness professional: Chances are, there are certified fitness professionals in your area that have experience leading people to their health goals. Working with one will add accountability, direction, and technical expertise.

3) Join a group program or class: This adds a social aspect to your health goals. You can meet like-minded people and increase your network. Joining a group can also add accountability, just like working with a fitness professional.

4) Use affirmations: Affirmations are positive tools that allow you to do, ‘inside work.’ By pep-talking yourself, you are providing yourself with emotional support. This type of support is beneficial on days where motivation is low.

5) Surround yourself with supportive people: Make a list of people in your family, friends, and professional network that will serve as ‘balcony’ people. These are people who can help to lift your spirits and help you achieve your goals when you are feeling down or like you have hit an emotional plateau.

6) Stay away from ‘basement people: These are people who may drag us down for a variety of reasons such as making negative and judgmental comments. While we can’t avoid these types of people entirely, we can limit our contact and how much we share about our health goals with them.

7) Using Mile Markers and check-ins: If you decide to work with a coach, fitness professional, or group, they can help you schedule mile markers along the way. They can also do periodic check-ins like body weight and composition measurements. If your health-related goals require blood work and medical tests, creating mile markers and check-in dates will help you keep track of contacting your licensed medical providers to run the exams and review them with you. You can also schedule these into your calendar as reminders.

Creating consistency can allow you to work towards a goal on a regular basis until the desired results are reached. Staying the course with your goals can be challenging. All sorts of hurdles may appear like life events, not seeing results as fast as expected, physical & emotional plateaus, work deadlines, and family commitments. By using SMART, you can provide structure towards your goals. By taking some of the actions listed above, you can add valuable consistency creating tools and techniques to the process.

Thank you for letting me share my perspectives!  Keep moving forward towards a healthy 2019!

In Health,
Shaweta Vasudeva

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