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I recently went to get gas for my car and as I was pumping it, someone else at the gas station called out, “HEY SIR…” and proceeded to ask me a question.

I hate to admit it, but I automatically reacted to the word “SIR.” I turned around so the person who called me “SIR” could see me (and incidentally the scowl on my face too). The gentleman backed away and apologized once he realized I was a “MA’AM” and I was upset about this. He explained he called me “SIR” because I had short hair and that’s all he could see since my back was towards him. He apologized again. I softened, accepted the apology and answered his question.

I checked in with myself about my knee-jerk reaction to being called “SIR.”


Later on, I checked in with myself about my knee-jerk reaction to being called “SIR.” It was a mistake. Another person saw my short hair and I had my back towards him, pumping gas. He assumed I was a “SIR” because I had short hair. It wasn’t personal and he wasn’t hazing or harassing. He had a simple question that he wanted answered.

Fortunately, the interaction ended in a civil manner. Fortunately, it didn’t trigger me into wanting to grow my hair long. I like my short hair! Fortunately, I’ve had short hair long enough to OWN IT. Fortunately, the man apologized and I softened. What was my knee-jerk reaction about? Perhaps it was all the times I have been called “SIR” in a harassing and hazing way in the past and I reacted as if this was going to be more of the same. It wasn’t, so I was relieved and grateful.

CHANGE. This interaction was one where the person who called me “SIR” apologized. It was one where I was able to accept the apology. This is a good thing. It allowed for a healthy person-to-person interaction where two people were able to CHANGE perspective quickly and to pivot.

Has there been a time in your life where you’ve changed perspective or pivoted quickly? What was it?

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