The Great Equalizer

IMG_0322Well, here’s blog post #3, but who’s counting.  First, thanks to all of my friends, family, clients, team, and people who’ve been patiently encouraging me to start doing this!

YAY for support and cheerleaders!

So, this one’s going to let you know a little bit about me. So far, most of what I have out there is about my services and some personal stuff about why I do what I do.

Here’s a little more…I’ve come to learn, to believe, that everyone has a “A GREAT EQUALIZER.”  If not “THE Great Equalizer.”  Let’s see if you can figure it out as you read the rest of this post.

I have a set of clients that inspire me so much because of their equalizers. I train some karate students that have a diagnosis that should supposedly make it very hard for them to learn karate. But they are learning it!  I have another client who needs hearing aids to hear and what’s neat is his phone helps coordinate his hearing. Sometimes…not too well. But he still shows up and learns Chi energy movement!  I have a personal fitness training client who has arthritis in her shoulder. But she still shows up (sometimes 3-5 times per week) and trains!  I have another personal fitness training client who has scoliosis. These days, she is standing a little taller because the exercises we use target posture. The list goes on. All of these clients can learn and train without aggravating their conditions. Actually, the training sometimes helps. HOW WHY? It gets their mind off it.  It gives them hope and joy.  The training is geared towards supporting what they have going on versus being at odds with it, toughing it out, competing and “shredding.” Don’t get me wrong, they sweat, they struggle, they lose their balance, but they get results!!

I’m so passionate about helping these people because they each have an EQUALIZER. Did you figure out what that is yet?

If you need some more hints…here’s one of my EQUALIZERS: a fused right hand. What does that mean?  In my late teens/early 20s, I had a major surgery where my ligaments, tendons, and all my connective tissue between a couple of bones connecting my wrist and hand were ‘vacuumed’ out. Then the doc put what he called, “bone cement,” in there.  Then he put screws in just for good measures because he knew I was so active.  He eventually took the screws out but it took a long time to recover.   I was awake for when the screws came out too…He warned me before I had the surgery that because it was my wrist, I’d have to deal with it my whole life.

Did you figure it out yet? What’s “THE” Great Equalizer???

Is it personal struggle? Is it physical injuries? Is it the attitude towards the physical injury?  Is the belief system around the injury?  Is the need for help because of the injury?  WHAT IS IT????

It’s open to interpretation…but my interpretation is that The Great Equalizer is anything that brings connection from one person to the other. My right hand situation is something I feel almost every day, but I will not let it keep me from training. In fact, like many of the people I get to work with…the training helps! Not to forces me to do something I struggle with..accepting help!

While I’m no doctor…I acknowledge the importance of working with the medical and healing community too. The training is a big piece of helping with “Equalizers” but so is combining it with other treatments as needed. I recognize and realize that training cannot replace medicine…but I’ve seen in enhance the work!

If you have an “EQUALIZER” I would love to hear about it!

This blog is intended for those who are interested in nutrition, fitness, karate, tai chi, or simply becoming best version of SELF on a business level. Thank you!

We are not doctors/medical professionals and don’t diagonse or treat diseases. The contents of the blog are for education purposes.

Shay Vasudeva is the owner and founder of URBANMONK, a company that helps people become the best version of SELF. She is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Nutritional Therapist, and Black Belt Karate Instructor.  For more information you can go to: or follow on facebook at

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  1. Awesome post. A equalizer can sometimes bond people together and makes comrades . It is so awesome when you see people overcome the road blocks. that they may have in their lives. Here is to people uniting and helping each other overcome their obstacles !

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