LIVE it, LOVE it, OWN it!

12733444_585688261589292_1288902320813690451_nHere’s blog post #4…But again, who’s counting?

Who’s that hiding behind the phone? Believe it or not, I always debate whether I should post pictures of my results…and I always end up doing it! WHY? To inspire, to hold myself accountable, AND also to say these abs are a result of a lifestyle change and a series of healthy decisions “stacked” on top of each other.

I don’t call what I eat “diet.” WHY?? The first part of that word is “die!!” It’s a LIVE IT!! I LIVE IT and I LOVE helping others make that change!!

I didn’t always look like that picture above.  Some days, I still can’t believe that’s my body!  Sometimes, when people have been a certain shape or size for a long time, once the body changes, the mind takes a bit to change with the body.  For example, one of my clients called me from a department store once and told me, “Shay, when I go to buy clothes, I automatically put size Larges in my cart and try them on in the fitting room. Then, I catch myself and realize that’s not where I am today.  It’s weird to be wearing a small.”

I tell them to LOVE it, LIVE it, and OWN it! You EARNED it! I also realize sometimes it takes time to reach goals…sometimes it takes longer for the mind to register.  Have you ever reached a goal? What did it feel like?

What did you do to LIVE it, LOVE it, and OWN it??


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