I’ve got something ironic to talk about this week on the topic of perspective. Pre-Covid 19, my clients would tell me one of their main stressors was loss of time during commutes. This means commuting to and from work, to and from their children’s activities, to and from doctor’s appointments, to and from grocery stores, to and from other errands . . . to and from . . . and more to and from.

Now that there have been strict shelter-in-place orders, people are stating one of their main stressors is being HOME all the time!
I don’t want my thoughts to come across as a judgement. I always say, “If you spot it, you got it.” I’m guilty of my own version of this . . . irony.

This irony inspired me to write this blog! It inspired me to ask:

What are you doing with the extra time you picked up from the minimal commute times these days?

What are you doing with the money and resources you’re saving on gas and car maintenance?

Where did that time and money go??? Did it go fussing and stressing about needing to be home all the time? If so, is there somewhere else it can go that’s more productive and constructive?

Let me know, I’d love to hear your perspective!

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